Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial will teach you how to make a really easy poster for your business.

Lets Get Started.

Here is a picture of my finished outcome:

Step 1) First, create a new document in Photoshop. Make the settings similar to what I have below or what you think is a good size for a poster.

Step 2) There should now be a white canvas infront of you. Change the color of the background by using the Paint Bucket Tool to the color you think fits your company or whatever you think will look good. 

Step 3) Now, add the name of your company to your poster by using the Text Tool. Resize and change your title to the size you desire. Also, at this point change the color and font of your title by using the options located above the canvas.

Step 4) To make your title look better, select the “Title” layer and go to the Blending options at the top of the Layers Palette.

First, select the Stroke options and then choose a color.  Now change the change the settings that I have below, this will outline the letters of your title.

Now lets add a drop shadow to make it look even better. Select the Drop Shadow option and copy the setting I have in the picture.

Step 5) Select the Text tool and write the slogan of your company and place it under the title. Change the size and color to make it stick out.

Also,  use the Text tool again and add some information about your company such as an email adress, phone number, products or services your business provides, etc. and put them in places where you think they will look good, make sure you leave space for the pictures that come later.

Make it look something like this:

Step 7) Now get some images from google images or other image websites to place onto your poster. As you can see, the images may be too big or too small, to change the location and size, use the Free Transform (Ctrl+T) and press Enter when the editing is done.

P.S.- If you have a location for your company you may want to get a picture of that too from a map website- I used google maps for the picture on mine.

Step 8 ) You are almost done, just to make your poster look a little better, create a new layer and by using the marque tool make boxes and fill them in with the brush tool after choosing the color of your choice.

Also, if you want, add some Star brushes to your background- I used these ones LINK HERE

Thats it your done. I hope you like your poster and will use it in the future

Here are my Video Tutorials:

Part 1:

Part 2:”>


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